Assistant Director intelligence Bureau (IB) MCQs Batch-4 | FPSC Past Papers

Here, you will get Assistant Director intelligence Bureau (IB) Solved MCQs Batch-4 conducted by FPSC today (29 July, 2022).

1)hazrat Khalid RA belongs to which tribe. 2) When did Hazrat Umar accepted Islam. 3)The most /the second most polluted country in air quality index 4) chemical energy of cell changes into which energy 5) Quantity of nitrogen greater in which compound ? 6) pulling hands down while catching a ball is which law? 7)Chines hover satellite on marz? 8)PM after Assassination of Liaquat Ali Khan? 9)10 December is international day of? 10) Arya samaj founded by? 11) Who won a film award for making a short documentary film? 12) Who is known as Sheikh ul hind. 13)The death of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan took place on? 14) Turkey signed an agreement with which country to operate Kabul airport? 15)Abdul qudoos bizenjo which Chief Minister of Balochistan (number)? 16) a judge and his family was killed in an anti terrorist court in which city? 17) First omicron cased found in which city of Pakistan? 18)When was Sindh annxed by British? 19) the last place that fell into the hands of British Hunza , Chitral None of these 20) The name given to the year 2022 by the UN is? 21) What device is used to measure the temperature of up to 1700C ? 22) Water percentage in tomato? 23) Hockey world cup 2021 won by? 24) bronze is an alloy is? 25) leader is TTP is? 26)two Hydrogen togather form which bond? 27) Country that held OiC summit related to Afghanistan? 28) Envoy of OiC for Afghanistan? 29) Ali Haider won which type of medal in the latest paralympic? 30) energy consumed in one second is called? 31) Nobel gas used in cancer treatment? 32) Nobel gas that emit red light? 33) Size of COVID-19? 34) Global health index is released by WB,IMF None of these 35) which country’s national was burnt alive in Sialkot? 36)unit of temperature? 37) Which country’s president faced trial and deposed? 38) Gold glitter because? 39) Elon Musk has been given a title by the Time megazines.what is the title? 40) which is not a soap? 41) definition of empirical formula? 42) Difference between Farther and Further? 43) this is the book I read yesterday that or which 44_45_46 three average questions 47 48 49 50 Percentage questions 51) two numbers are add and result is 15 if 7 is subtracted find the number? 52 53 54 55 56 57 Algebra questions 58 59 60 Ratio questions 61)



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