Choose the correct one?

1 min readJan 25, 2022

A. He is junior from me B. He is junior than me C. He is junior then me D. He is junior to me

“He is junior to me” is the right option The words elder, senior, anterior, inferior, superior, junior, posterior and prior are always followed by the preposition “to”. So the correct answer will be: He is junior/senior to me.

To Choose the correct one? He is junior to me. He is junior than me.

It is to be noticed that the words “than” and “to” are used after a comparative adjective in a sentence to show a comparison of the two things.

Example of comparative degrees are

Uses of THAN

  • This box is smaller than yours
  • Ali is smarter than Abiha
  • My hair is longer than my brother

Uses of TO

  • He was prior to me
  • She is superior to him
  • I am elder to you



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