Etea C & W Assistant Test solved MCQS

Here, you will have Etea C & W Assistant Test solved MCQs compiled by Junaid mahsud

1.How many Pak’s governor generals….4 2.Ural mountain range is in ….. Russia 3.Hidad means….. smith 4.Ist marshal law imposed on…..7 oct 1948 5.Number of infidals in Ghazwa e uhad …. 3000 6.Pakistan came into being in 1947:twentieth century 7.Taifah…means ….. kabilay 8.1945–46 election who is viceroy ? lord Wavell 9.Nimaz k arkan? 6 10.Credible nearest meaning? Believable 11.Curtail nearest meaning? Shorten 12.Permanent member of UN security council?5 13.Nimaz k sharait? 7 14.7 Hijri Khyber. 15.M bin qasim defeat raja dahir. 16.BRics.5 17.Islamia college found in 1913. 18.Drove fast. Fast adverb 19.Most peaceful country in the world is .iceland 20.Economic Freedom of the World 2021 pakistan ranking :152 21.3rd Most populated city in the world is: Shanghai 22.Length of lowari tunnel 5 miles 23.Color least deviated red 24.Hanna Lake in which city Quetta city in Balochistan Province 25.Largest ocean of the world pacific 26.of blood is called as Hematology i 27.2nd largest city of Pakistan Lahore 28.Name of hazrat aisha ra’s mother Umm Ruman 29.The world divided into….zones five distinct zones 30.Rasool e Akram s.a.w Ki Razai bahan : hazrat sheema 31. Occupation of infidels, : Tejarat or zarat 32.Pakistan recognised Kosovo on 24 December 2012, 33.Articles in 1973 constitution.. 280 34.Scientific name of vitamin A : retinol 35.Hazrat Shoib A.S qoum per azab ki waja.nap tol may kami karna 36.largest City of gilgit baltistan :gilgit 37.Ozone layer protect us : ultraviolet (UV) 38.The animal which lay eggs : Oviparous 39.Who did accompany the Holy Prophet (SAW) in the migration to Madina? Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) 40. New PAF air base is located in ; Balochistan province 41.Opposite Meaning Of LOOK : bypass 42.The Moon Rose early: intransitive verb 43.Punjab public library is located in …. Lahore 44.the lens used in simple microscope is. convex 45.He is confident — — — — — -his success?of 46.When musharaf took over country he became-chief executive 47.1956 agreement between pak and India is Treaty Tashkent 48.In Hajj, touching the Black Stone, is called__________ ? Istilam 49.Gandhara was a part of which civilization ? afghani or Indian 50._____the seats were taken . All of, 51.The national flag of Pakistan was designed by Syed Amir-uddin Kedwaii 52.At the time of partition ruler of kashmir was sikh 53.Open your book ___ page fifty:on or at 54.Defensive strategy is :defense is adjective 55.Humid opposite :arid 56.Smallest planet :mercury 57.Closest planet to earth :Venus 58.Muskilat ka sabit kadmi say mukabla ko kia kahtay hay :istekamat 59.The place …….they is very unhealthy :where 60.We do not need …. Rice : any 61.Which tribe joined the muslims after treaty of hudabia :khuza 62.Pakistan is a ….. state: ideological 63.How many deserts are in Pakistan :5 64.They will sell this food in every food shop change into passive :this food will be sold by them in every food shop . 65.The muslims of kpk voted through a referendum to join Pakistan 66.Categorical nearest meaning :distinct and clear 67.I had my ears pierced and one of them went septic. correct sentence 68.I take down my notes carefully :write down 69.Beat around the bush :to avoid talking what is important 70.ALLAH os waqt tak apnay banday ke madad may laga rahta hay …..:apnay bhai ke madad may 71.People are spending less money on cars this year change into passive :less money is being spent on cars this year 72.The apples will be brough by me :future continuous 73.نهى عن المنكر :burai say rukna 74.Youm e takbeer :nuclear day 75.The secretary said”no decision can be taken” change into indirect :the secretary said that no decision could be taken 76.The man … met is the professor :whom 77.It will be better if one of the parents stay at home to look after the children:correct sentence 78.Kis jang may nu muslimo ki baadnazmi ki waja say sahaba (r,a) muntashir ho gaiay tay ? 79.There is no question of my failing in the examination: of my failing 80.He is weak of the illness ….he had recently :which 81.She gave what ….money she had in her purse to the man .some/little/few 82.She enjoys playing chess: playing gerund 83.The suit is quite expensive :quite is adverb 84.He will …the examination :take 85.After indo pak partition which state first joined the Pakistan :Bahawalpur 86.Being a destitute I admitted him to an old people home :I admitted him error 87.There is no exception ….the rule :to 88.One of my friends,,,,,coming today :is 89.Fair field and no favor :an equal chance to everyone 90.The request of the teachers that their wages should be increased was supported by a vast majority .correct 91.ultimate near meaning final 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. 97. 98. 99. 100. Compiled by junaid mahsud



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