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Here, you can study the FPSC CSS MPT Syllabus. This is the Syllabus for CSS MPT by FPSC for CSS competitive examination. The CSS MPT Screening test 2023 is going to be held on 2nd October 2022. The CSS MPT consists of 200 MCQs multiple choice questions with 1 mark for each correct answer. There is no negative marking for wrong answers. The time allowed to complete the test is 200 minutes or 3 hours and 20 minutes. Please note that MPT is an acronym for MCQ Based Preliminary Test.

  1. Islamic Studies/ Civics & Ethics (20 Marks)
  2. Urdu: Grammar usage, Translation (20 Marks)
  3. English: Vocabulary, Grammar usage, Comprehension (50 Marks)
  4. General Abilities (60 Marks):
  • Basic Arithmetic, Algebra & Geometry
  • Logical problem solving and analytical abilities
  • Mental Abilities
  1. General Knowledge (50 Marks):
  • Everyday Science
  • Current Affairs
  • Pakistan Affairs

NOTE: Non-Muslims may opt either for Civics & Ethics or Islamic Studies.

CSS 2022 — Screening Test Syllabus

S. No. Subject Marks (200) 1 Islamic Studies (Civics and Ethics: Non-Muslims may opt for Civics and Ethics or Islamic Studies) 20 2 Urdu (Grammar Usage and Translation) 20 3 English (Vocabulary, Grammar usage, and Comprehension) 50 4 General Ability (Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Logical problem solving, and Analytical problem solving) 60 5 General Knowledge (Everyday Science, Current Affairs, and Pakistan affairs) 50

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