FPSC (MPT) CSS Screening Test Answer Key 2023

MPT CSS Screening 2023 Test Answer Key

The CSS Screening test answer key will be released soon on the official website of FPSC.

  1. Visit the official website of FPSC. (https://www.fpsc.gov.pk/)
  2. Click on the Answer key provided in the news or in the top ribbon of the homepage
  3. If you cannot find it there, click on CSS exams on the top ribbon and select CE CSS MPT 2022. (https://www.fpsc.gov.pk/css2023)
  4. From this, you need to select CSS MPT Practice paper and Answer keys to view various answer keys.
  5. Click on the link stating the FPSC MPT 2022 Answer Key
  6. This will open a PDF file that you can download and save.

What is MPT FPSC answer key?

How to calculate marks?

  • Step 1: Open the answer key and keep a rough sheet of paper ready with you
  • Step 2: Write the question number and award yourself with marks if your answer matches the answer in the key. If it does not match, then give it a zero. It is because there is no negative marking in this Screening test.
  • Step 3: After all questions have been gone through, add the marks to get your likely total score.



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