Understanding Grammar: Identifying the Part of Speech

I am sick. “am” is ___________.

Feb 16, 2024

Let’s test your understanding of grammar by identifying the part of speech of the word “am” in the given sentence.


A. Noun:

Incorrect. “Am” is not a noun; it serves a different grammatical function.

B. Pronoun:

Incorrect. The word “am” is not a pronoun; it belongs to a different category.

C. Verb:

Correct! In the sentence, “am” functions as a verb, specifically a linking verb connecting the subject “I” to the state of being “sick.”

D. Adjective:

Incorrect. “Am” is not an adjective; it plays a different role in the sentence structure.


Understanding the parts of speech is crucial for constructing grammatically sound sentences. In this case, “am” functions as a verb in the given sentence.




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