Detailed SUMMARY of “Brutalising Society,” Dawn Editorial, October 2nd, 2023

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The Senate Standing Committee on Interior passed a bill in favor of public hangings of rapists, a move criticized by the PPP and the interior and foreign affairs ministries. This bill seeks to amend certain sections of the Pakistan Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Code to legalize public executions. The call for public hangings gained momentum after the 2018 rape and murder of Zainab Ansari, with prominent figures, including former Prime Minister Imran Khan, endorsing the idea. Critics argue that executions do not act as deterrents and that public hangings will further brutalize an already violent society. Instead of focusing on improved funding for the police, better criminal investigations, and officer training in rape cases, public emotions are being exploited to call for executions. This editorial has consistently criticized the death penalty, and implementing public hangings is a concerning development. Lawmakers should focus on improving the justice system and not let emotions or public sentiment guide their decisions.

Easy/Short SUMMARY:

The Senate Committee on Interior passed a bill supporting public hangings of rapists, a move criticized by the PPP and ministries. Public calls for such executions have increased since the 2018 Zainab Ansari case, with notable figures like Imran Khan endorsing the idea. Critics argue that this approach won’t deter crimes and will only add to society’s brutality. Instead, efforts should focus on better funding for police, improved investigations, and officer training. This editorial opposes the death penalty and urges lawmakers to address justice system flaws rather than catering to emotions.

SOLUTIONS of The Problem:

Addressing Rising Sexual Crimes:

  • Law Enforcement Training: Invest in comprehensive training programs for law enforcement officers, especially those handling sexual assault cases.
  • Community Awareness: Launch awareness campaigns to educate communities about sexual crimes and encourage reporting.
  • Support for Victims: Establish support networks and counseling services for victims of sexual crimes to help them through the trauma.
  • Strengthening Laws: Review and strengthen existing laws related to sexual offenses, ensuring swift and effective prosecution.

Justice System Reforms:

  • Efficient Trials: Streamline court processes and ensure timely trials of sexual offenders to deliver justice swiftly.
  • Victim Protection: Enhance measures for the protection and anonymity of victims during legal proceedings.
  • Data Collection: Establish a comprehensive database on sexual crimes and perpetrators to aid investigations.

Public Awareness:

  • Education Programs: Implement educational programs in schools and communities to foster respect and gender equality.
  • Media Responsibility: Encourage responsible reporting on sexual crimes in the media, avoiding sensationalism.

IMPORTANT Facts and Figures Given in the article:

  • The bill advocating public hangings of rapists was passed by the Senate Standing Committee on Interior.
  • Calls for public hangings have increased since the 2018 rape and murder of Zainab Ansari.
  • Critics argue that public executions do not deter crime and may lead to more brutality in society.
  • Emotions are being manipulated to call for executions instead of addressing systemic issues in the justice system.
  • The international community has reservations about public hangings due to human rights concerns.
  • Public sentiment is being prioritized over systemic reforms in the justice system.

MCQs from the Article:

  1. What did the Senate Standing Committee on Interior pass with a majority vote? A. A bill supporting public hangings of rapists B. A bill to enhance police funding C. A bill for improving the justice system D. A bill promoting gender equality Answer: A. A bill supporting public hangings of rapists
  2. Why have calls for public hangings intensified in Pakistan? A. Due to improved law enforcement B. After successful deterrence of crimes C. Following the Zainab Ansari case D. In response to lower crime rates Answer: C. Following the Zainab Ansari case
  3. What is the main concern expressed by critics regarding public executions? A. They act as effective deterrents B. They may further brutalize society C. They improve the criminal justice system D. They are endorsed by international communities Answer: B. They may further brutalize society
  4. What is the editorial’s stance on the death penalty? A. Strongly supportive B. Neutral C. Consistently critical D. Partially in favor Answer: C. Consistently critical


  1. Legalize (verb) (قانونی بنانا): To make something lawful or permissible by law.
  2. Intensify (verb) (شدت بڑھانا): To increase in degree or strength; become more intense.
  3. Deterrent (noun) (رکاوٹ): Something that discourages or prevents a particular action or behavior.
  4. Brutalize (verb) (وحشتناک بنانا): To make someone or something more brutal or cruel.
  5. Exploit (verb) (فائدہ اٹھانا): To make full use of and derive benefit from something or someone.
  6. Implement (verb) (عمل میں لانا): To put into effect; execute or apply.
  7. Sensationalism (noun) (حسین خبر): The use of exciting or shocking stories or language at the expense of accuracy to provoke public interest or excitement.
  8. Anonymity (noun) (ناشناسی): The condition of being anonymous or unknown.
  9. Streamline (verb) (آسان بنانا): To make a process or system more efficient and effective.
  10. Comprehensive (adjective) (جامع): Covering or including everything; complete and with all aspects considered.

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