Find 15 percent of 9000.

1 min readFeb 15, 2024

A. 1350 B. 1500 C. 1650 D. 1800 Let’s test your math skills by calculating a percentage of a given number.


A. 1350:

Correct! To find 15% of 9000, you multiply 9000 by 0.15, resulting in 1350.

B. 1500:

Incorrect. This is not the correct calculation for 15% of 9000.

C. 1650:

Incorrect. This option does not represent the accurate percentage of 9000.

D. 1800:

Incorrect. The calculation for 15% of 9000 does not yield 1800.


Calculating percentages is essential; in this case, the correct answer is 1350, representing 15% of 9000.

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