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What is the ranking of Pakistan in Travel and Tourism Development Index 2024?

A. 94 B. 101 C. 104 D. 125

Pakistan’s Ranking in the Travel and Tourism Development Index 2024

Pakistan has made significant strides in improving its standing in global travel and tourism rankings. The country has been recognized for its efforts and developments in the tourism sector, reflected in the latest Travel and Tourism Development Index (TTDI) 2024 by the World Economic Forum.

What is the Travel and Tourism Development Index (TTDI)?

The Travel and Tourism Development Index (TTDI) is a comprehensive measure used to evaluate and rank the travel and tourism sectors of various countries. The index considers several factors, including infrastructure, natural resources, safety and security, and environmental sustainability, to determine the overall readiness and development of a country’s tourism industry.

Pakistan’s Ranking in TTDI 2024

According to the 2024 edition of the World Economic Forum’s report, Pakistan has been ranked at the 101st position on the Travel and Tourism Development Index, scoring 3.41 out of 7. This ranking signifies a noteworthy improvement, highlighting the country’s ongoing efforts to enhance its tourism sector.

Factors Contributing to the Improvement

Several factors have contributed to Pakistan’s improved ranking:

  • Infrastructure Development: Investments in infrastructure, including roads, airports, and hotels, have made travel more accessible and comfortable for tourists.
  • Promotion of Natural and Cultural Heritage: Initiatives to promote Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty have attracted both domestic and international tourists.
  • Enhanced Safety and Security: Improved security measures have made traveling in Pakistan safer, encouraging more tourists to visit.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Efforts to preserve natural resources and promote eco-tourism have contributed to the positive perception of Pakistan as a tourist destination.


Pakistan’s rise in the Travel and Tourism Development Index 2024 to the 101st position reflects the country’s dedication to developing its tourism sector. With continued efforts and strategic investments, Pakistan is poised to further improve its ranking and establish itself as a prime tourist destination on the global stage.

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