You forbade me to sit there. CHANGE THE NARRATION

2 min readMay 16, 2024

A. You said to me, “Sit there.” B. You told me, “Sit there.” C. You said to me, “Do not sit there.” D. You advised me, “To sit there.”

DIRECT SPEECH: You said to me, “Do not sit there.” INDIRECT SPEECH: You forbade me to sit there.

Tricky Direct and Indirect Narrations

Direct Speech Indirect Speech He said to me, “I cannot come tomorrow.” He refused to come the next day. “Please help me,” she said. She requested assistance. “I will finish the work,” he assured. He assured that he would complete the work. “Don’t touch the glass,” he warned. He warned against touching the glass. “I have been working hard,” she claimed. She claimed to have been working hard. “I’m going to leave now,” he declared. He declared his intention to leave. “I love you,” she confessed. She confessed her love. “I didn’t eat anything,” he denied. He denied eating anything. “I’ll give you a lift,” he offered. He offered to give a lift. “I can swim,” she boasted. She boasted of being able to swim. “I won’t tell anyone,” he promised. He promised not to tell anyone. “I’m sorry,” he apologized. He apologized. “I’m studying,” she explained. She explained that she was studying. “I’ll come with you,” he agreed. He agreed to come with. “I won’t forget,” she reassured. She reassured that she wouldn’t forget. “I can’t do it,” he admitted. He admitted his inability to do it. “I’m not hungry,” she claimed. She claimed not to be hungry. “I’ll be there,” he promised. He promised to be there. “I’m going to the store,” she said. She said she was going to the store. “I’ll pay for it,” he insisted. He insisted on paying for it.

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She said, “I shall go daily to school”.

The Antonym of ASPERITY

On 8 July 2022, the Former prime minister of_________ was shot down during his speech?

He said to them, “Will you listen to such a man?” CHANGE NARRATION

Choose the correct indirect speech of “Sit down, Ali,” he said:

I am sick. “am” is what?



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